Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Support needed

I have been running this blog for free for a few months now. If you would like to support me, link back to me. Even better, spread the word and promote this blog. If you have any ideas of how this blog could be improved and promoted, send me a message on linkbacklink@gmail.com. Your support will be appreciated and acknowledged.

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46. Inspiration

Get inspired by this blog.

That´s what the author has to say: "My main theme is Inspiration and I hope I inspire you and give you some wonderful words that will take you through your busy day. With the pace of today's society with all the important and sometimes mundane occurances of our daily life we need to stop, reflect and smell the roses, which I know from experience that this can put new meaning into your life and enable you to sit back, relax and re-charge".

47. Illiterate Poet

The money making site with original content.

That´s what the author has to say: "I am experimenting with different ways to turn a profit on the internet. I had no prior knowledge of any of these techniques or even how to buy a domain name until about a year ago. I am still learning what to do and more so what not to do."

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