Sunday, 26 October 2008

Happy Links

It took me just under one year to provide 100 linkbacks to blogs and sites. There is a huge demand out there for quality backlinking. In the majority of cases, however, it´s a hard job trying to secure good backlinks. Unless you have deep pockets and ready to pay, free backlinks are next to impossible for new sites with low Page Rank and limited readership.

LinkBackLink is out there for you! Get your free backlink here.

95. Romance-Love-Relationship

The blog is about "dating tips and ideas, tips to attract opposite sex, relationship, personal development etc."

96. Contemplations of My Notions

Original blog about real-life issues. Deserves to be read.

97. Gitui

The author says: "I blog about the internet and everything that is related to the internet. Be it Gaming, learning, videos and the occasional Joke.

98. Tech tips and more

For those interested in traffic generation and internet stuff.

99. The Unique Craft

Tips, Articles and everything about Craft. For those interested in becoming an artist or craftperson.

100. Double Our Money

Despite all the financial turmoil, the author says: "My website is about investing in the USA stock market to double $36,000.00 every 4 years by earning 18% per year so that in 12 years I will have over a quarter of a million dollars."

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Only six links left!

It´s been a lot of fun to provide my visitors with free high quality links. I still have the space for 6 links before the 100 mark is reached. Once this has been reached, I will no longer link to sites and blogs without a PageRank.

If you are interested in receiving your free link, please follow simple instructions at my intro page.

92. Red ElmO Playground

That´s what the author says: "Red Elmo Playground, where all the happy bloggers gather".

93. Bashkov

Really cool intro. It´s not a blog, though - a commercial site promoting web-design services.

94. Melt Igloo

That´s what the author says: "Melt Igloo - I came I saw I share".

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sneek Preview

A few changes will be introduced in my blog shortly. At the moment, I have provided links to nearly one hundred blogs and sites irrespective of their PageRank and popularity. This all might change once the 100 backlinks threshold has been reached. This will be done to encourage more high quality blogs to link to me, and to protect the integrity of reciprocal links! Existing links will not be affected.

If you are interested in receiving a free link from me, please read simple instructions.

89. Beatles Music Blog

That´s what the author says: "This website is about the greatest music group in the world--The Beatles! "

90. Cancer, yoga and psychology

This blog lists current news related to cancer, yoga and psychology. It also deals with the controversial issue of effects yoga and medical treatment on the psychology of a female patient.

91. Timeless Treasures

A blog of a Nigerian author on inspirational topics.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Linking Rules

First of all, many thanks to all of you who have linked to me. It was a bit of a struggle to go through all messages and try to reply to all of you. Unfortunately, in some cases, I had to ask you to reconfirm your links or reject your blog since it did not confirm with the basic rules outlined in my welcome page.

To avoid delays and disappointment, please make sure that you:
  1. Have read the rules;
  2. Informed me about your link by email;
  3. Provided me with a brief description of your blog, including the location of your link.
That´s all. Simple.

85. Media6

Dedicated to the Anime stuff. Well presented.

86. Pictures

Pictures of places, animals, nature, underwater, travel, and much more. Rather amazing.

87. My handycam

The author says: "my blog is with some pictures caught on my cam".

88. Dancoo

That´s what the author says: "Anecdotes about my life & making money online"

Sunday, 5 October 2008

From Coffee to Noobs

Linking can be fun! I always enjoy learning something about something new and unexpected. I hope that you will visit a few blogs links listed in this blog. You might actually learn something!

If you are interested to be listed in one of my posts, please see my welcome page.

81. Coffee Coffee Coffee

As the name goes, coffee is the passion of this blogger.

82. Cash Noobs

Useful information for cash noobs. Just in case you wondered what a noob was, here it is:
Noob is an alternate spelling of “newbie,” which refers to an inexperienced person.

83. Blade Office Services

If you need a typist, she is the one.

84. Light Within

The blog´s about "business, experiments and proposals".

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Why some blogs are so dull?

Please add more content to your blogs! I keep on receiving so many requests to promote blogs with barely one or two posts! If you are serious about blogging and about attracting visitors, please add more content. No-one is interested in waffer thin blogs! Do yourself a favour and add some content before starting promoting your site or blog.

If you think that your blog is ready for promotion, please read my welcome page.

76. Japanomous

A site for those who wish to educate themselves on Japanese Culture. Mostly a collection of links.

77. NY Mafia

Vanity, politics, TV, bicycle story etc.

78. Bad Credit

The blog claims to be the "Premier source for mortgage information, politics, loan programs, rates, and anything else that affects the financial markets."

79. Current Downloads

A blog offering free downloads.

80. Hotels in Reading

For those planning a visit to Reading.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Patient Links

Yes, it works! If you link to my site, you get a link back from me. Simply posting a commenting does not guarantee a link. I need a fast access to your email address. Going though posts is time consuming and inefficient as means of responding to your requests.

Also, please be patient. It usually takes about one week to respond to each email. The reward of your patience is a permanent link which you receive free of charge. Interested? Read more on my Welcome Page.

72. Aria´s Ink

That´s what the author says: "A freelance writer and mother of two on journey of self-realization. Picture Erma Bombeck meets Augustin Burroughs..."

73. HerpUniverse´s Blog

The Friendly Reptile forum.

74. My Greetings To You

A genuine blog of an aspiring entrepreneur. That´s what she says: "Picks up from my website of the same name to provide more detail about my online businesses and how I promote them, with a little comment on my everyday life for spice!"

75. PC Tutorials

The site does what is says: it helps you to improve your PC!