Thursday, 14 February 2008

More new links for you!

Many many thanks to everyone for linking to my blog! I have decided to include five new blogs in order to clear the backlog for this weekend. Please do not submit more than one blog at a time. Unless you have something exceptional, I am unlikely to review and post all of your submissions. In the future, I am also likely to give priority for more original blogs. If you have only three or five entries, please work a little more on your blog before asking for a backlink.

Once you are in my blog, you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Increased exposure to search engines and real visitors;
  • Indirect benefit from my blog advertisement budget;
  • Permanent live listing, as long as you reciprocate!
  • All of it is for free!
Interested? Check out About page.

39. Onda Humanista TV

A spanish video blog about humanist ideas and spirit. Mostly dedicated at education, non-violence, and politics.

40. No Cost Sofware

Reviews of free software programs.

41. The Inflatable Soapbox

The Inflatable Soapbox(tm), a personal commentary on Linux, Open Source, and more. It has a dark, melancholy undertone.

42. Sharing Platform

A blog dedicated to sharing.

43. Preguntale a Lola

Packed with advice for women in trouble from an "expert" in almost everything. Fun, useful and happy. In spanish.


timbury said...

Thank you for the link! People helping each other - that's the Internet *I* remember. :)

Inhinyero Khuno said...

im hoping to add my blogs to yours. heres mine. please post a message in my blog if my request is granted. thank you

linkbacklink said...

Once again, instead of informing me about your links in the comments section, please drop me a message at

Thank you!