Thursday, 25 September 2008

Links are Coming In!

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69. My Cheap Tech

The blog´s motto: "Gadgets & Technology that will not break your wallet."

70. Twisted Writer

The thoughts of a recovering programmer.

71. Your PC Software

The recommended software for your PC.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Free Links for You!

I hope you will not miss this opportunity to get a free link from The instructions are extremely simple and can be found at the welcome page. All links are permanent and free of charge. Even if you are a beginner, your blog might be eligible, unless it´s blatantly commercial or has no content. Other conditions are outlined in the welcome page.

66. Pinoy Photo Blog

A balanced and sincere photo blog.

67. FhelZone

Lots of posts, mostly on computing.

68. Marcha Mundial por la Paz y la No-Violencia

Dedicated to peace.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Links You Deserve!

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62. Webmaster Advice

Hints, advice and help for Bloggers on how to best manage their blogs. Solid content.

63. Indian Cinema

You guessed it - random stuff about the Indian Cinema.

64. MammothList

A site full of tricks and strategies on opt in list building & traffic generation.

65. Fishing in Indonesia

For those interesting in fishing in Indonesia - can be fun!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

LinkBackLink Community

Hello, Hola and Bonjour to all Friends! Apologies for chilling out a bit too long - the summer was just SO HOT that I could not resist taking some extra time off. The punishment was instant: the work piled up, days became shorter, and I missed out on all my community commitments. To make up on my neglect, and to get those Alexa numbers back to respectable levels, I will link back to everyone who linked to me this summer, and will throw in a handy PPC budget. Thank you for your patience and hope that we will be linking back to each other soon!

Check-out the first page to learn how you could become part of this growing community!

57. She-conomy

A guy´s guide to marketing to women. Really good for those who sell to women, or simply for reading some original quality content on marketing.

58. San Diego Color Guard Network

That´s what the author has to say: "my blog focuses on the mt carmel high school color guard in san diego, ca. We recently won second place for the Scholastic A division in the world championships. The website also serves as a source of info about this rapidly growing activity--- called "the sport of the arts." Lastly, I try to include content for teenagers in the color guard, and links for coaches to stay abreast of the latest news and developments." Cool!!!

59. The Rogue Hour

Exploring the intersections of race, sports, and things in between in American society.

60. Biotechnology Stocks

Investing in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical stocks. Review of the Biotechnology stock sector. Recommendation of stocks, options and ETFs and periodic performance review.

61. J.D. Reilly

A serious marketing site. That´s what the author has to say: "J.D. Reilly is Your One-Stop Source for Tested and Proven Internet Marketing Strategies."