Tuesday, 15 January 2008

How to increase your Alex traffic rank?

In my post Alexa Rank which I wrote less than a month ago I have decided to improve my Alexa traffic rank from 2.7 million to below 1 million. As you can see, this goal was reached in less than 3 weeks (my Alexa traffic rank is just above 900,000 right now). The Alexa traffic is rapidly continuing to improve every day! How did I do it? Was it hard and expensive to do? No. Not at all. Just follow four steps, easy!
  1. Install the Alexa Toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer. Make sure you browse your site every day. Ask your friends to do the same. Every time you browse your site, Alexa Toolbar will communicate your visits to the Alexa Ranking Engine, which will update your ranking.
  2. Make sure you promote your website among the webmasters, who are likely to use the Alexa Toolbar. One of the best webmaster communities from which I benefitted a lot is housed by linkreferral.com The nice thing about this tool is that you have the option to use it for free.
  3. Make sure you backlink with other webmasters. It will keep traffic and other webmasters coming to your pages. In order to see your link in this blog, visit About Link Back Link.
  4. If you can afford it, launch a small Google AdWords campaign. You can keep your budget small. Put a limit on daily expenditures. Also, make sure you keep a prudent limit on the amount you are willing to pay per each click. My advice is to keep the limit at 10 cents per click.
Please find below the latest links. Visit my first post About Link Back Link to get your link in one of my posts.

29. Jacky´s Opinion

The blog is driven by ideas and opinions. The ultimate goal is to make money.

30. Tony Cage

A personal blog with themes of liberal politics, movies, and chess.


Jacky Kerans said...

howdy link back link,....

may i know your name...

it would be easier to me to say HELLO

by the way, thank you so much for your linking..

I would like to ask a question,

When Almighty Google come again to Update our Page Rank...
I still ready for anytime he come...

Huy said...

My website:URL.vn last day more traffic to it, but now alexa rank down, I don't know why? it's fake?

linkbacklink said...

Alexa rank has no direct link to the overall traffic you are receiving. If you want your Alexa rank to improve, you need more visitors with Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers. That´s all to it.

numb2k3 said...

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Jacky Kerans said...

dear linkbacklick...

visit http://money-website.blogspot.com/2008/01/free-promotion.html

i have a surprise for you

Fortune Park Hotels Ltd - Best chain of business & leisure budget hotels India said...

Alexa.com is a subsidiary of Amazon.com. It is a website which provides information on traffic levels for websites. The Alexa rank is measured according to the amount of users who’ve visited a website with the Alexa toolbar installed. Alexa toolbar is an application developed by Alexa Internet. Its primary use is to measure website statistics. This toolbar collects as well as gives some valuable information. Once you install it, the Alexa toolbar monitors all your surfing and collects information about what domains you visit. They use this data to rank web sites. The traffic rank they assign to websites is based on 3 months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of other users and is a combined measure of page views and users. Webmasters, advertisers and ad networks use your blog’s Alexa rank as a gauge to determine the worth of a link on your website. If you depend on link or site selling as a form of monetization you’ll definitely want to increase your Alexa rank, because it’ll increase your bargaining power when it comes to ad pricing.

Fortune Park Hotels Ltd - Best chain of business & leisure budget hotels India said...

Alexa Internet, is a California-based subsidiary company of Amazon.com that is best known for operating a website that provides information on the web traffic to other websites.
Alexa collects information from users who have installed an “Alexa Toolbar,” allowing them to provide statistics on web site traffic, as well as lists of related links. It uses these data to form Alexa ranking. There is some controversy over how representative Alexa’s user base is of typical Internet behavior. If Alexa’s user base is a fair statistical sample of the internet user population, Alexa’s ranking should be quite accurate. A known source of bias is the self-selecting, opt-in nature of Alexa traffic tracking software installation, but the significance of this bias on rankings is not reported. Alexa ranking measures traffic ranking collected from Alexa toolbar users. High alexa ranking has no relationship with high google ranking, yahoo ranking, and etc.
Ranking in Alexa is significant as it can significantly increase your bargaining power when it comes to selling advertising on your site. If advertisers see that your site has a higher ranking, they are likely to think that they can sell more of their products and services by having a link on your site. This means that you can charge them higher fees for that link.

red.elvenprince said...


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Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

I hate Alexa! The more traffic comes to my site, the suckier my rating becomes! ARRRGH!

The Passive, Residual Income Business Owner said...

Aggressively trying to improve Alexa Traffic Rank and Google PageRank:

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At the present time, still over 1 Million in Alexa and 0/10 in Google PageRank.

Trying to be patient, but it affecting our advertising potential.

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darnel and roussel said...

our blog has a traffic rank 8 from alexa, is this good? I mean, the lower it is, the better right? it also says that the blog has 430,891 links... is this good?


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