Friday, 30 May 2008

The Power of Network!

The power of network is amazing! As more people are linking to my blog, the Page Rank (PR) is increasing and Technorati Authority is growing. Since all links are reciprocal, everyone is benefiting. I expect that as more people join, the current PR of 3 would increase to PR 4 or maybe even to PR 5! And all of it for FREE! All you need to do is to linkback and inform me by email. The majority of blogs, both personal and commercial, would qualify to be included in this blog. Follow simple instructions in the About post.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to the linkbacklink network!

54. Technology Current

All about current cell phone, pda, gps, and other hand-held devices.

55. Socially Distressed

A look into the frightening world of social anxieties and methods to overcome them.

56. Inspiration

The garden of tranquility - dedicated to meditation and relaxation. Inspirational, personal stuff.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Link Back Link is Back!

After a VERY LONG BREAK, I am back! I have two pieces of news, Good and Not so Good.

The Good News:

1. PR is up from 2 to 3. This proves that backlinking is not so bad after all :)
2. Everyone who has submitted a link to me and is linking back will get a link back.

The Not so Good News:
1. There is a backlog of unfullfilled requests.
2. It will take me a couple of weeks or so to clear it. Please send me a message, in case I can´t find your initial message.

52. Chocolate Recipes

A blog dedicated to the chocolate and all the decadent delights that you can make with chocolate. Enjoy!!!

53. Imaginary House

A new personal blog from Indonesia.