Friday, 21 December 2007

The Basics of Linking

Recently, I have received a number of request to explain the basics of linking. Since there is plenty of information on the web, I will provide a very simple explanation with a couple of references for further reading.

1. HTML code

You need to copy and paste the following code into your page:

<a href="">LinkBackLink</a>

In a nutshell, this code tells your browser to follow the link that is contained within the quotation marks. A text that follows the quotation marks is displayed as a link: LinkBackLink

Check out this site for more details on linking:
HTML Source

2. Blogger

If you are a blogger user, or using any other similar service for that matter, posting links is much easier. All you need to do is to type in the text, select it and press the button that looks something like this .

You will be prompted to enter the URL address of the site that you would like to link to: e.g. Make sure to check the link and confirm whether it´s active.

For more help, see Blogger Help.

Please see below the latest addition to my blog. If you would like to receive a free link, please follow simple rules as explained in the About LinkBackLink page.

21. Denz Techtronics Blog

A well-maintained blog discussing topics on electronics, technology, gadgets and like.


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