Friday, 4 January 2008

How to get indexed by search engines?

Following a question on search engine indexing, here´s my answer.

Is it easy to get indexed? Yes. Follow these steps:
  1. Write something original, don´t just copy paste from Wikipedia (many people do) or steal the content from other people.
  2. Exchange links with at least one indexed site. You can check whether the site is indexed by copying some of its content and pasting it into the search bar. Try the main search engines. If the site is indexed, it will come up at the top of search results.
How long does it take?
  1. For very popular sites, indexing is frequent. If your site has not been indexed yet, it might take time. Exchanging links could help to get noticed by search engines.
  2. I checked my previous posts and all of them have been indexed. This means that if your link was posted in my previous posts, the search engines would have visited you by now.
How to get a link on
  1. Just follow simple instructions which you can find in About Link Back Link.

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Julie Zbeetnoff said...

This is a very sound method of SEO.

The search engines are mainly looking for 2 things. One is useful and relevant content. The second is popularity.

If you site is linked to a lot of other sites that are also popular you are seen kind of as being in the 'in' crowd for Google and you will rise to the top.

I will read further and follow through some of your links.

Julie Zbeetnoff
aka The Traffic Master

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linkbacklink said...

Thank you for your comment. I checked your site and would recommend it to anyone looking for tips in traffic monetization.

DJYano said...

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Have a nice day!


kooner said...

yes true this is good job started by you linkbacks this site is soo old but not geting indexed well

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