Thursday, 28 February 2008

Blogorator is down

I have noticed that Blogorator is down. The dead script is slowing down my blog quite a bit. I hope that they manage to fix it. I really liked their widget. It gave me a good exposure on their site with a Page Rank of 3. If you know anything about it, please post a message.

48. Macacolorado

A blog in spanish about music, opinion and some other crazy things. Nice monkey :)

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Support needed

I have been running this blog for free for a few months now. If you would like to support me, link back to me. Even better, spread the word and promote this blog. If you have any ideas of how this blog could be improved and promoted, send me a message on Your support will be appreciated and acknowledged.

Interested in linking? Check out About page.

46. Inspiration

Get inspired by this blog.

That´s what the author has to say: "My main theme is Inspiration and I hope I inspire you and give you some wonderful words that will take you through your busy day. With the pace of today's society with all the important and sometimes mundane occurances of our daily life we need to stop, reflect and smell the roses, which I know from experience that this can put new meaning into your life and enable you to sit back, relax and re-charge".

47. Illiterate Poet

The money making site with original content.

That´s what the author has to say: "I am experimenting with different ways to turn a profit on the internet. I had no prior knowledge of any of these techniques or even how to buy a domain name until about a year ago. I am still learning what to do and more so what not to do."

Monday, 25 February 2008

Does linking work? Myths and Reality

This blog started with a page rank of zero and a non-existant Alexa rank. A few months later, the page rank stands at 2 and the Alexa rank is just under 700,000. Not bad for a blog which posts links of other sites for free. The fast and convincing progress of Link Back Link in the cyberspace, dispells a few myths:
  • No page rank for sites displaying reciprocal links --- NOT TRUE --- all depends on the content of your site.
  • No indexing for sites displaying reciprocal links --- NOT TRUE --- all pages get indexed within a few days, as long as you publish original content.
  • There is no link between the Alexa Rank and the traffic volume --- NOT TRUE --- the Alexa rank is indirectly correlated with the number of unique visitors. All that is required is to receive visitors with Alexa toolbars installed in their browsers. A popular site is likely to receive a fair number of such visitors. Exchanging links with popular sites will help you to get those visitors and improve the Alexa Rank.
See About Link Back Link and get linked!

44. Social Anxiety News

This is a blog site which gathers the most updated information on the scientific research results on social anxiety, as well as mentions and links to news stories in the media on social anxiety and gives links to other sites on this subject as well.

45. Lieve´s blog

A packed blog in Flemish (I think).

Thursday, 14 February 2008

More new links for you!

Many many thanks to everyone for linking to my blog! I have decided to include five new blogs in order to clear the backlog for this weekend. Please do not submit more than one blog at a time. Unless you have something exceptional, I am unlikely to review and post all of your submissions. In the future, I am also likely to give priority for more original blogs. If you have only three or five entries, please work a little more on your blog before asking for a backlink.

Once you are in my blog, you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Increased exposure to search engines and real visitors;
  • Indirect benefit from my blog advertisement budget;
  • Permanent live listing, as long as you reciprocate!
  • All of it is for free!
Interested? Check out About page.

39. Onda Humanista TV

A spanish video blog about humanist ideas and spirit. Mostly dedicated at education, non-violence, and politics.

40. No Cost Sofware

Reviews of free software programs.

41. The Inflatable Soapbox

The Inflatable Soapbox(tm), a personal commentary on Linux, Open Source, and more. It has a dark, melancholy undertone.

42. Sharing Platform

A blog dedicated to sharing.

43. Preguntale a Lola

Packed with advice for women in trouble from an "expert" in almost everything. Fun, useful and happy. In spanish.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Link Back Link gets you links!

Link Back Link is still popular! I keep on receiving a number of linking requests almost every day. Sorry if you don´t hear from me immediately. I usually check requests and include them in my blog on a regular basis. Once you have been included, your link will stay live for as long as you reciprocate. If you would like to be included follow simple steps described in the About page. I would be happy to help you promote your blog irrespective of what you write about: Africa, discount till rolls, art or music etc. Make sure that your blog contains unique and relevant content.

35. Sustainable Options

A blog dedicated to sustainable development in Africa.

36. Discount Till Rolls

A commercial blog dedicated to till rolls and office supplies.

37. Gallery of China

Gallery of Chinese Art.

38. I N D I E P O L I S

The indie-music listeners blog in spanish.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

It´s really free!

Thank you for linking! All links provided in my posts are trully free! All you have to do is to link back to my blog. For the time being, my blog is supported by a limited ad campaign and an increasing number of back links from various websites. The Alexa Rank just dropped below 800,000, the Page Rank went from blank to 2. I am inviting you to join! Follow easy steps described in About Link Back Link. Cooperation is the best way to help yourself!

It´s in Italian (mostly). A school project.

Bright blue rain publishes short stories and articles about life.

"Self-help the internet way". That´s what the author says: This is a website where I encourage visitors to post messages in my guestbook and/or leave comments on my blog describing how they feel. Visitors can post anonymously anything that is bothering them - pet peeves, feelings of depression or frustration, or anger over an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. This is a place to vent and to get your emotions out in the open in order to begin the healing process.

About Moscow, Russia.