Saturday, 22 December 2007

Ensuring the Quality of Links

You might have noticed that the number of links on this blog has been steadily growing. As the numbers of links increases, I will start monitoring the quality of (1) links posted on and (2) the quality of reciprocal backlinks. Whenever a dead link or backlink is discovered, I will try to contact the owner of the site/blog in order to verify the situation. For the time-being, I will not remove any links that have been posted here so far, although I might remove the hyperlink. (3) I am also reducing the number of posts that open on the front page. For easier browsing, I am adding more internal links posted on the top-right side of the page (in the content section).

All three measures should help to ensure that this blog does not grow into a so-called "link-farm". With your help and support, the quality and value of links should remain high.

A few more links for this weekend.

22. Health Information

A new blog dedicated to health issues.

23. Gadget Tech

Everything you want to know about new gadgets.

24. NuWZ

A new blog dedicated to financial news.


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