Monday, 25 February 2008

Does linking work? Myths and Reality

This blog started with a page rank of zero and a non-existant Alexa rank. A few months later, the page rank stands at 2 and the Alexa rank is just under 700,000. Not bad for a blog which posts links of other sites for free. The fast and convincing progress of Link Back Link in the cyberspace, dispells a few myths:
  • No page rank for sites displaying reciprocal links --- NOT TRUE --- all depends on the content of your site.
  • No indexing for sites displaying reciprocal links --- NOT TRUE --- all pages get indexed within a few days, as long as you publish original content.
  • There is no link between the Alexa Rank and the traffic volume --- NOT TRUE --- the Alexa rank is indirectly correlated with the number of unique visitors. All that is required is to receive visitors with Alexa toolbars installed in their browsers. A popular site is likely to receive a fair number of such visitors. Exchanging links with popular sites will help you to get those visitors and improve the Alexa Rank.
See About Link Back Link and get linked!

44. Social Anxiety News

This is a blog site which gathers the most updated information on the scientific research results on social anxiety, as well as mentions and links to news stories in the media on social anxiety and gives links to other sites on this subject as well.

45. Lieve´s blog

A packed blog in Flemish (I think).

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