Sunday, 26 October 2008

Happy Links

It took me just under one year to provide 100 linkbacks to blogs and sites. There is a huge demand out there for quality backlinking. In the majority of cases, however, it´s a hard job trying to secure good backlinks. Unless you have deep pockets and ready to pay, free backlinks are next to impossible for new sites with low Page Rank and limited readership.

LinkBackLink is out there for you! Get your free backlink here.

95. Romance-Love-Relationship

The blog is about "dating tips and ideas, tips to attract opposite sex, relationship, personal development etc."

96. Contemplations of My Notions

Original blog about real-life issues. Deserves to be read.

97. Gitui

The author says: "I blog about the internet and everything that is related to the internet. Be it Gaming, learning, videos and the occasional Joke.

98. Tech tips and more

For those interested in traffic generation and internet stuff.

99. The Unique Craft

Tips, Articles and everything about Craft. For those interested in becoming an artist or craftperson.

100. Double Our Money

Despite all the financial turmoil, the author says: "My website is about investing in the USA stock market to double $36,000.00 every 4 years by earning 18% per year so that in 12 years I will have over a quarter of a million dollars."

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