Thursday, 2 October 2008

Patient Links

Yes, it works! If you link to my site, you get a link back from me. Simply posting a commenting does not guarantee a link. I need a fast access to your email address. Going though posts is time consuming and inefficient as means of responding to your requests.

Also, please be patient. It usually takes about one week to respond to each email. The reward of your patience is a permanent link which you receive free of charge. Interested? Read more on my Welcome Page.

72. Aria´s Ink

That´s what the author says: "A freelance writer and mother of two on journey of self-realization. Picture Erma Bombeck meets Augustin Burroughs..."

73. HerpUniverse´s Blog

The Friendly Reptile forum.

74. My Greetings To You

A genuine blog of an aspiring entrepreneur. That´s what she says: "Picks up from my website of the same name to provide more detail about my online businesses and how I promote them, with a little comment on my everyday life for spice!"

75. PC Tutorials

The site does what is says: it helps you to improve your PC!


1000aday said...

It's a great way to link, even though I'm fairly new to this

Lover said...
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