Saturday, 1 November 2008


As already announced, I will not link to new blogs with a PageRank of less than 1. If you don´t know what a PageRank is, download and install the Google´s Toolbar. Once you have installed it, you will see the Google Toolbar at the top of your browsing window. Make sure that the following icon appears in the toolbar:

Visit your website. If the PageRank is grey, this means that your website/blog has not been yet indexed, and Google does not know that you exist.

If the PageRank is blank, Google knows you, but thinks that your website/blog is not important.

To some extend, the PageRank is determined by the number of important websites linking to you.

I will link to all blogs/websites that meet the minimum criteria and have a PageRank of at least of one (i.e. the PageRank icon must have some green color).

If you have already submitted a linking request, I will link to your site irrespective of your PageRank. However, all new requests will be affected.

101. 1stopmom

Going nonstop since '94! A seriously good blog with lots of content targeting moms.

102. What is My Hobby?

The site claims to serve the world´s economic and financial geeks.

103. ikmalSays | Tehnical News and Tips

A comprehensive blog on the technical stuff for bloggers.

104. Chained Links

A new blog that tries to link all blogs together.

105. iBlog

Helps to create a profitable blog.

106. Scoopda

This site is coming soon. Sounds like a very good service!

"Scoopda is a website specially designed to enhance the performance of your website through our quality and affordable services. Our services include, advertising packages, graphic/website design, help & support and much more! Check out today for a fantastic deal!"


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