Monday, 26 May 2008

Link Back Link is Back!

After a VERY LONG BREAK, I am back! I have two pieces of news, Good and Not so Good.

The Good News:

1. PR is up from 2 to 3. This proves that backlinking is not so bad after all :)
2. Everyone who has submitted a link to me and is linking back will get a link back.

The Not so Good News:
1. There is a backlog of unfullfilled requests.
2. It will take me a couple of weeks or so to clear it. Please send me a message, in case I can´t find your initial message.

52. Chocolate Recipes

A blog dedicated to the chocolate and all the decadent delights that you can make with chocolate. Enjoy!!!

53. Imaginary House

A new personal blog from Indonesia.


ruffian96 said...

Hey thanks for the link. I have already linked to you on my website (though the actual title/descrip of the link is 'Tips for new bloggers', hope that doesn't matter). Thanks for dropping a line to make sure I'm still interested. Sorry for the delayed response but I sometimes neglect my gmail account. Best wishes to you.

Zotni Qerosi said...

hey, just wanted to submit my link in here too

btw, i know that its not any of my business, but i think you should use the fact that your page is well linked, and build up on the content and i'm sure you would receive a stream of visitors after that!

linkbacklink said...

thanks for the link. I can see you have changed the concept of your blog - I like it.


linkbacklink said...

zotni gerosi,

nice blog. will link back to you today.

Thanks for your encouragement!