Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Linking Back

Thanks to everyone for linking, writing comments and sending me private messages. When linking, please make sure that your site is up and running with an active link to linkbacklink. I always check before linking back.

25. Oh no! Not another blog!

The blog is about how to draw anime book reviews. It is also rather crammed with links to sites "that really pay".

26. Thoughts & Things

A personal blog with thoughts, reflections and a slogan 'When everything goes wrong, remember its your chance to set it right'.


saradiba said...

I am sorry to ask a stupid question, I'm new to all this and probably the dumbest blogger around. My question is how do you do a linkback?

Do I put the link in the blogroll or do I have to review your site? If it is the latter it is not possible as you will see the nature of my website is about mulla nasruddin and I do not write comments on other things.

Hope you can answer this soon. Thanks.

linkbacklink said...

Sure, you can put the link on your blogroll. No need to provide a review.

Jacky Kerans said...

howdy linkbacklink....
I am happy because, you are online helper.. I would like ask a question and need back up, because I make my blogspot with no aid from anyone.. I've learn by myself, and I know there many steps that I don't know how to make my blog crawl..
would you like to help me?

linkbacklink said...

Jacky, I am not sure I fully understood the meaning of "blog crawl" - are you trying to get your blog indexed by search engines?

Jacky Kerans said...


I think, you might understood about my English; not my first language.
you are right. 'Blog crawl' means my blog is indexed by search engine.

thanks a lot

Aslam v 2.007 said...

heyy friend...i would like to link my blog into your blog..
and i will tooo link back yours..
in fact am gonna link your blog right now....
So please link my blog to yours too
hope to hear from you soon
contact me:-

Aslam v 2.007 said...


linkbacklink said...

I will try to answer your questions and will post the links in a couple of days.