Wednesday, 21 November 2007

First Links

Here are the first two blogs:

1. World Traveler Journal

I can only recommend this journal as a useful reference to anyone who plans to go to Thailand, Peru or other exotic destinations.

2. Holiday in Paradise

A blog dedicated to holidays in Bali.


bams said...

nice link sir, lets visit my blog.. you can see the beach with beautifull scenery.

Fotorepublic said...

Hi, I have a blog about film photography. Can you please add me to your blog?
Thank you,

linkbacklink said...

Thank you for your comments. Email me if you want a link to your blog.

I Made Wibawa Putra said...

nice blog

linkbacklink said...

If you like this blog, link to it and let me know about it.

Jay & Neng-Neng said...

Many thanks for visiting my blog. Will be adding more posts.
Happy New Year and have a great time reading blogs.