Friday, 7 November 2008

Improving Your PageRank

Follow my tips to get your PageRank to the Level of 3 (why 3? - well, that´s where I got so far):
  1. Publish original content. If you publish content from other sites, you will be penalized. One of my sites dropped from PageRank 3 to PageRank of 1, because one of my articles was not original. I republished it from a so-called free article database. It was a disaster. Don´t do it!
  2. Get a few links from websites or blogs with a PageRank of at least 3. Link to some popular directories, such as Technorati (see the sidebar of my blog). Without external links you will never get any PageRank. Believe me! That´s how it works.
  3. Get indexed by Google. If you are not indexed, Google will simply not be aware that you exist. You don´t need to submit to Google your URL - the Google robot will visit you, as long as there are external links pointing to your site.
That´s all.

Interested in receiving a backlink from me? Check out the about page.

112. bangtoyeeb

That´s what the author says: "my way to share about computer and internet related stuff"


That´s what the author says: "blog related to some inspirational stories, wise thoughts and other useful tips related to health and many more."


An original blog with bowling type posts, and newsfeeds and some reviews.

115. Muscle Gain Truth

That´s what the author says: "Muscle Gain Truth- The Truth About Building Muscle. No Nonsense Muscle Building. Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle."

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

1 PR Rule

If you want to make it on this blog, you need to have a PageRank of at least of one. I have introduced this rule to encourage stronger blogs to exchange links with me and to protect the overall quality of outgoing links. My blog has never been designed to compete with professional directories in any case.

If you think you have a great blog, read the following simple instructions, link to me and I will link back!

107. Anything Tech

A WordPress powered blog that claims to "take a personal touch to technology".

108. MyFunnyBytes

That´s what the author says: "The web site contains Large Collection of SMS Jokes, Funny SMS, Santa Banta Jokes, jokes, SMS Jokes, Free Sms jokes, Online SMS Jokes."


The website that is nearly impossible to spell is actually a resource for Artists, Crafters and Entrepreneurs, offering inspiration, creativity, articles, shopping and more. The official home of PINIATURES clothespin creation craft kits.

110. Memories Artwork

A very nice blog "all about scrapbooking life, making cards, teaching scrapbooking classes."

111. bgamall

Someone with "strong anti-mainstream media views" who stumbled upon my blog.

Saturday, 1 November 2008


As already announced, I will not link to new blogs with a PageRank of less than 1. If you don´t know what a PageRank is, download and install the Google´s Toolbar. Once you have installed it, you will see the Google Toolbar at the top of your browsing window. Make sure that the following icon appears in the toolbar:

Visit your website. If the PageRank is grey, this means that your website/blog has not been yet indexed, and Google does not know that you exist.

If the PageRank is blank, Google knows you, but thinks that your website/blog is not important.

To some extend, the PageRank is determined by the number of important websites linking to you.

I will link to all blogs/websites that meet the minimum criteria and have a PageRank of at least of one (i.e. the PageRank icon must have some green color).

If you have already submitted a linking request, I will link to your site irrespective of your PageRank. However, all new requests will be affected.

101. 1stopmom

Going nonstop since '94! A seriously good blog with lots of content targeting moms.

102. What is My Hobby?

The site claims to serve the world´s economic and financial geeks.

103. ikmalSays | Tehnical News and Tips

A comprehensive blog on the technical stuff for bloggers.

104. Chained Links

A new blog that tries to link all blogs together.

105. iBlog

Helps to create a profitable blog.

106. Scoopda

This site is coming soon. Sounds like a very good service!

"Scoopda is a website specially designed to enhance the performance of your website through our quality and affordable services. Our services include, advertising packages, graphic/website design, help & support and much more! Check out today for a fantastic deal!"